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Motorvogue Customs

Outdoor Covers

Outdoor Covers

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Master Covers premium outdoor cover, designed to keep your vehicle safe and protected from all outdoor elements. With its soft fleece interior and tough waterproof exterior, this car cover provides the ultimate protection for your vehicle.

Whether it's the scorching sun, UV rays, gusty wind, heavy rain, or other outdoor hazards, this car cover shields your car from all of them. The soft fleece lining on the inside ensures that your car's paint and finish remain scratch-free and undamaged.

The exterior of the car cover is made from tough and waterproof materials, ensuring that your vehicle stays dry and protected even during the heaviest of downpours. The cover is also breathable, allowing any moisture or condensation to escape, preventing mold and mildew buildup.

Easy to install and remove, this car cover features a snug fit design that ensures complete coverage and protection of your car's body. It is also lightweight and compact, making it easy to store and transport.

Invest in our outdoor car cover today and give your vehicle the ultimate protection it deserves.

Wind Resistance: The covers are designed to provide protection against wind damage, preventing dust, debris and other contaminants from entering onto/into your vehicle.

Prevents dust accumulation: The Motor Vogue Customs covers keep the car clean by preventing dust and dirt from accumulating on the exterior and interior surfaces.

No more scratches: The covers protect the car from accidental scratches and dings that can occur during storage or when parked in a garage.

Our outdoor car covers are made with the highest quality velvet material that offers a soft, luxurious feel while also providing excellent protection.

Long-lasting protection: With our indoor car covers, you can be assured of long-lasting protection for your vehicle. The material is durable, strong and can with stand the test of time.

Easy to install: The covers are designed for easy installation and can be put on and removed quickly and easily, making them convenient to use.

Perfect fit: The indoor car covers are custom designed to fit your vehicle perfectly, ensuring maximum protection and coverage.


Our indoor car covers are customisable, meaning you upload the logo/image of your choice and we print it on the specific cover that fits your vehicle! 

Personalised branding: The covers can also be personalised with your brand logo or any other custom message, making them an excellent marketing tool for businesses or a unique gift option for car enthusiasts.



Simple, select your vehicle make, model and year, then proceed to upload the logo of your choice, thats it! Sit back and wait until we get your cover ready and delivered to your door!


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