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We make covers for every car, no matter how old or new, classic or the latest models.

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    Our Covers are made from the highest quality velvet material which swaddles your pride and joy, offering protection and looking cool while doing it!


    Whether you're looking for a cover for your daily driver, or your super car, we've got you covered! We offer our customers covers for all makes and models.


    We don't just sell regular car covers, our covers are all customisable, meaning you can add your brand logo or any other custom message or logo.

Stretchable, breathable highly elastic velvet.

Our covers are made from the finest velvet materials which offer protection from all sorts of factors such as sun rays, dust collection, and offers life long protection of your pride and joy, you can assure yourself no more dings and scratches which happen when your vehicles kept in storage.

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The perfect fit

A touch of class.

Made with the most breathable and stretchable materials, our covers snug your pride and joy!

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Highest quality guaranteed!

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

We only use the highest quality materials for our covers so you can have a peace of mind knowing your car is snug in only the best quality velvet.

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Perfect fit guaranteed!

Our materials are cut exactly according to your specific vehicles dimensions! This ensures a perfect fit every time!


    Our covers aren't your regular supercheap auto universal fit covers, each cover is cut to the exact dimension of each specific vehicle, this is what ensures the perfect fit. After the materials are cut and stitched, we print the custom logos of your choice or model. So please allow upto 3 weeks after your order date to receive your covers.

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