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Jet Ski Covers

Jet Ski Covers

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Our Standard Edition is crafted from advanced materials designed to shield your Jet Ski from various weather conditions, including snow, ice, rain, mild UV rays, and light winds. This cover features water-sliding technology, ensuring it remains 100% waterproof.

- Made with micro-porous material to prevent oxidation and water buildup while providing a breathable, cotton-like feel for the vehicle.
- Constructed from 300D polyester.
- Guaranteed to fit perfectly.
- Offers excellent protection against pets, scratches, bird droppings, dust, dirt, and tree sap.
- Resistant to rot and mildew, maintaining its shape without stretching or shrinking.
- Equipped with an elastic hem around the bottom for a secure fit.
- Includes two rear air vents for improved ventilation.
- Features zippered access panels for the fuel tank and rear rack.

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